A List of Teacher Technology Tools—curated!

What an exciting time for teachers! Lesson Plans become an instructional adventure with the use of technology, with the number and variety of technology tools (many free or incurring a small fee) available for learning, teaching, sharing, creating. These tools offer an array of instructional possibilities to the novice as well as the tech savvy. For example, teachers can find user-friendly tools (meaning fairly easy to learn) to incorporate blended learning and classroom flipping with teacher-made videos and digital displays for online access in or outside of the classroom; social networking tools that extend collaboration and communication beyond the school site, and resources that allow students to produce evidence of their learning in creative, challenging ways. And so much more. As with any abundance of choices, it can be a daunting task to select which tool to use, what to spend the narrow window of time available to learn, practice, and implement. The link below takes you to a curated list of tools for educators. Though it represents just a fraction of what is available, this chart is a handy, helpful place to start. https://elainthemiddle.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/techuseguide.pdf


About Lisa Marin

Lisa is a Consultant II with the Center for Distance and Online Learning.