History of CDOL

The Center for Distance and Online Learning, CDOL began in 1990, as a federally funded Star Schools project called TEAMS Distance Learning. Over the preceding years, and through numerous other federal and state grants, TEAMS Distance Learning transformed itself into the Center for Distance and Online Learning, developing successful state and local partnerships and projects along the way.

Our programs, products and services have been recognized with both national and state awards. From its inception, CDOL’s goal has been to incorporate innovative technologies into the delivery of both K-12 instructional and professional development content. CDOL resides in the Curriculum and Instructional Services, CIS division of the Los Angeles County Office of Education, LACOE. In addition to implementing various grants, CDOL provides web-based and multimedia services to other content units within CIS and LACOE as well as to a variety of non-profit agencies. CDOL works with its clients to achieve their instructional goals through the integration of online and multimedia services.

CDOL’s strength comes from its core of multi-talented personnel, comprising both experienced educators and a gifted technical team. CDOL works closely with you to design and develop the instructional and technical tools and applications to meet your specific needs. Our goal is to design and deliver your project on time and within budget. CDOL’s production group designs and develops:

  • eLearning solutions using Learning Management Systems (i.e. Blackboard and Moodle)
  • Curriculum-based online tools
  • Instructional, interactive digital animations
  • Instructional video and multimedia for delivery via Web or telecasts

Developing technology-enhanced learning solutions to facilitate professional development and student learning, CDOL provides the expertise needed to fully integrate technology with educational content. CDOL offers a wide range of technology and instructional consulting services to support successful instruction, for professional development or direct student instruction.

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