CDOL Portfolio

With a diverse clientele, CDOL has collaborated to design and build a variety of custom projects including online courses and curriculum-based tools, interactive activities and animations, and educational media production that is multi-platform and mobile device compliant. Here are some of the projects featured in our portfolio:


CDOL's TeachStar Online Academy provides a variety of professional development online courses for educators. Check out the current course schedule.


The Physical Education Appropriate Practices (PEAP) Web site provides a variety of instructional videos on physical education in a well-organized and user-friendly layout.


The After School Programs In Region XI (ASP!RE) site provides a variety of staff development opportunities to collaborate with other after school leadership in the region. ASP!RE is dedicated to fostering developmentally-oriented learning experiences for children and youth during the after school hours.


The Multilingual Academic Support (MAS) Unit provides technical assistance, professional development, certification classes and leadership to teachers, administrators, support staff and parents to create an academically rich education environment for all English language learners.


A part of the MathStar Algebraic Thinking Series, Lesson Links were developed utilizing a Flash-based web site to engage middle school students in mastering pre-algebra concepts with algebraic thinking lessons, assessment and practice activities. Utilizing Flash allowed for the incorporation of audio as well as animation of concepts.

Function Machine was created as an alternative to a paper-based activity. There are three different algebra-related activities incorporated into the Function Machine, each re-enforcing a specific skill set.